Terjola Day Care "Sapovnela"

Daycare center "Sapovnela" for the disabled kids in Terjola needs kitchen utensils.

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Daycare center "Sapovnela" is being administered since 2008 by Kutaisi education, development and employment center..

The daycare is serving 11 disabled kids at the moment. The goal of the center is to provide for the individual development and social integration of the disabled kids by developing their social, daily, environmental adaptation and life skills. The kids are taking part in the educational, sports and leisure activities under the supervision of professional teachers, psychologists and occupational therapists.  

„Sapovnela“ has problems with provision of meals. The renovation of the center is under way. The cafeteria will be designed. Though the problem is the lack of kitchen utensils.  

The list of utensils with the indication of the price: 

1 Silverware (2pc) - 64GEL
2 Plates (Large/Medium/Small) (4pc.) - 84GEL
3 Bucket and glasses (2pc) - 26GEL
4 Knives - 47GEL
5 Tea cups (20pc) - 35GEL
6 Boards (2pc) - 12GEL
7 Spoons - 15GEL
8 Tea pot - 17GEL
9 Large Pots (2pc) - 72GEL
10 ტაფა (2pc) - 26GEL
11 Salt container (2pc) - 4GEL
12 Tea filter - 8GEL
13 Electric heater - 25GEL
14 Plastic Containers (3pc) - 8GEL
15 Bread Container (2pc) - 16GEL
16 Dish Dryer - 33GEL
17 Napkin holder – (2pc) 4GEL
18 Pot holder (2pc) - 4GEL

Total  500GEL

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