Family of Ms. Gogutsa Vardosanidze

Family of Ms. Gogutsa Vardosanidze needs refrigerator.

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After the death of the husband Ms. Vardosanidze came from Khoni to Tbilisi and lives here renting her place for the last 15 years. She does not own her house any more in the province. Since the last five years she lives in the cellar of a houce. 

There are five members of the family: Gogutsa, her daughter and three grandchildren 12,9,7 years old. The family is considered under the poverty line. Ms. Gogutsa has had a stroke for the second time a couple of months ago. The family lives in a damp cellar, not owning even the basic utensils. The income of the family is welfare donation from the state and individuals. The daughter of Gogutsa irregularly works as a cleaning lady. 

The family does not have a refrigirator. It costs 459 GEL in company BEKO. 

Project costs: 459+25%=573.75

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