Goliadze-Kotishadze Family

The family needs beds.

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Mrs. Ketino Goliadze is raising 13 children. From these 12 are her own, and one is her grandchild. 

After the fire, everything that was out of wood has burned in the flat where the family lives. The family does not have an income, to restore the flat. Today, the family lives in the naked walls. 

The main income of the family is the wage of Ketino as a cleaning lady. This amounts to 100-150 GEL montly. Because of the not having proper documents, the family is temporarily not receiving the state welfare, though it will be soon restored. 

The family needs lots of things, but as a first necessity they need beds. Now they have just one bed and some mattresses. Taking in account the special case of the family, it has been decided that we will fund buying of two, two-story beds. You can see the video describing the conditions here. 

Two-story bed will be furnished by Pancho LTD for 350GEL Project overall costs:  (350+350)+25%=875

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