About Us

Charity Foundation “Borani” (“Ferryboat”) was established by the “Society For Promotion Of Literacy” in 2012.

Name of the foundation derives from its function, which aims at connecting of different banks of the river. Foundation itself does not possess any financial means to be distributed to the persons in need following the decision of the administration. Borani’s task is to connect those seeking aid with the persons who can provide it.     

Foundation pursues the following goals:

  • to create links between different segments of the society;
  • to aid persons in need in solving of their problems;
  • to connect persons in need with those who can provide aid and support development of established communication;
  • to disseminate idea of philanthropy and encourage moulding of a charity culture. 
  • Foundation uses its website as a main tool for operations. It publishes on its page information about different persons and their needs. Any user is eligible to transfer amount of his choice to a specific project in order to solve the named problem. After accumulation of the needed sum, The Society For Promotion Of Literacy will purchase the needed object and deliver it to the project beneficiary. Photos as well as entire package of procurement documents concerning the completed project is published on the website.

Detailed scheme of operations:

1. “Agents” collect information and transfer it to the  Society For Promotion Of Literacy;

2. Foundation organizes the information;

3. The information is published on the website:  Project details (amount of needed funds, needed/raised) etc; 

4. Users select a project and transfer money to the relevant account of the foundation through the online banking system;

Innovative features of the fund:

  1. Democracy: foundation supports development of horizontal relationships between different members of the society;
  2. Transparency/reliability: foundation ensures publishing of all project related information (documentation, audio and photo materials) on the web. In parallel foundation is accountable to the board of supervisors, which consists of active representatives of the society;
  3. Repetitiveness: activities of the foundation are not limited to carrying out of one-time or seasonal projects and are based on the driving principle of social networks;
  4. User oriented profile: Philanthropists are offered an opportunity to obtain more information about the recipient of the aid. They can maintain a real time oversight over the development of the project they get involved in;
  5. Effectiveness: specific features of the foundation make it possible to participate in different projects and provide simultaneous help to several persons;
  6. Promotion of values: the foundation makes it possible to involve infinitely big number of persons not only in fundraising activities but collection and transfer of information as well. That gives a stimulus to spreading of the culture of philanthropy. 

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