Frequently Asked Questions


What does sign %, which is shown on the image or bottom of the project mean?


% shows ratio of raised funds towards the total needed sum.


How can a new project be submitted to the fund?


There are several ways for submission of a new project. You can do it through 1. registration with a special division of your profile, 2. submission of your contact information and short description of the project to our contact e-mail, or 3. contacting us via telephone.


How does the fund benefit from money transfers?


It does not. Total sum of money indicated in each project will be used for purchase of needed goods and coverage of relevant income taxes. Fund does not generate any profit from proceedings of the project.


What are selection criteria for the project to be published on the website?


For the time being the following criteria are used for selection of the projects: 1. Project should focus on delivery of an object (or objects), which will contribute to immediate improvement of beneficiary’s quality of life. Requested goods can include everyday appliances, furniture or even working tools, which would support employment of the beneficiaries. 2. Cost of requested object(s) should not exceed GEL 500.


What are selection criteria for beneficiaries?


Fund does not select beneficiaries. Users do. User transfers funds to support specific project of his choice.


Why does website indicate income tax as 25%?


Fund is responsible for payment of an income tax in case it delivers free goods to individuals. For example, an individual receives a TV set which costs GEL 400. Organization has to raise GEL 500, pay income tax of 20% (i.e. GEL 100) and use remaining GEL 400 for purchase of a TV set for an individual. Income tax, GEL 100, constitutes 25% of cost of the TV set (400 X 25% = GEL 100).


What types of bank cards can be used for money transfers?


Any type of VISA and MASTERCARD cards with three digit protection CVC code on its reverse side can be used for money transfers. Payments can be made with cards that are issued by Georgian or international banks.

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