Ms. Shorena Tsiklauri Family

The twin daughters of Ms. Tsiklauri need a bed.

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Ms. Shorena Tsiklauri is raising her four children alone. Among them, twin daughters have suffered a cerebral stroke. Ms. Tsiklauri is unemployed as she cannot leave her children without care. All four of them study at school. 

The income of the family is the welfare which amounts to 290 GEL. Currently the twins are sleeping on the bed borrowed from the neighbors.  The bed is inconvenient because of the size and is hindering Shorena to help the children in the scarcity of space. The children need a new bed. The bed will be designed by the company Liana Chaduneli. It's parameters are: 160/180. Price 350 GEL

Project costs: 350 + 25% = 437.5 GEL

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