Ms. Natia Sikharulidze

Ms. Natia Sikharulidze needs dishes, mattress and bed linen. .

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Natia has been 19 years old when, after tragic death of her husband was left without home. She was forced to live with her newborn baby under rent. 

Twenty years later, her daughters marriage has proved disastrous and now Natia, together with her daughter, whose health is problematic, raises two grandchildren. The income is not enough to rent a place which would have decent amenities. Most of the utensils in the family are borrowed. The income of the family amounts to 150 GEL.

The family of Ms. Natia Sikharulidze needs:

Sheets  - 55 GEL.

Mattress for two  - 60 GEL.

Pillows 2 pc.  - 40 GEL.

Thin sheets  - 25 GEL. 

Linen - 35 GEL. 

Cooking pots - 100 GEL.

Tea pot - 20GEL.

Fraying pan  - 45 GEL.

Project costs: 380+25%=475

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